Playing in pain?

Get real.


1000mg CBD

When it comes to pain relief, we’re not playing games.

Pain keeps you from being your best. That’s why we created Revre Sports Cream. 

Made Better So You Perform Better.

Formulated with 1000 mg of all-natural CBD, Revre Sports Cream reduces inflammation better than any other product on the market so you aren’t slowed down by aches and pains, and you recover faster after your workout.

Believe It

Revre Sports Cream is easy to use before, during, or after your workout or activity to reduce pain and improve your performance.

Does it really work?

Just listen.

Higher quality CBD.

Higher performance.

No high.

As the quality leader in the industry, all Revre products are crafted in small batches from a single-source supplier. We only use the best, real, 100% organic CBD. And all of our products have no high. So higher performance doesn’t mean getting high.

Zero High

All Natural

Pure CBD Isolate

Dairy/Gluten Free


USA Grown

We're single-sourced.

Revre’s products are single-sourced, which means our products only come from one, small boutique hemp farm in Kentucky. We’ll never import cheap, ineffective oil from abroad. 

If you are going to buy a CBD product, make sure you know where it’s sourced.

We're whole-plant help.

Our products are made from the entire hemp plant, when most of our competitors use trim or shake – the less-potent, discarded parts of the hemp plant. The entire plant goes into our products, making our CBD oil incredibly effective.

If you want your CBD oil to work, make sure it’s made from the entire hemp plant.

We're hand-crafted.

Our farmers care for every single hemp plant, because that’s what goes straight into our CBD tincture. We’ve sourced only the best hemp, because we don’t believe in doing a job halfway. Better products, happier customers.

Good things rarely come from taking shortcuts. CBD oil is no different.

Recover faster with Revre.

Keep those “little” aches and pains from being a big deal when it comes to being a better you with Revre Sports Cream.

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