Put your best face forward.


Revre Face Serum + CBD Oil

The best. To help you be your best.


1oz tincture,
500mg Hemp

Tired of looking tired? Stressed out? Older than you really are? Revre has a solution, and it comes straight from nature.

Don’t put anything on your face you wouldn’t put in your body.

Made with all-natural ingredients, Revre Face Serum’s blend of low comedogenic* USDA-certified organic oils is formulated to cleanse, protect and moisturize your skin while providing vital nutrients that help stimulate cell growth, reduce the appearance of fine lines, and tighten skin.

What makes a good face serum?

No High

All Natural

Pure CBD Isolate

Dairy/Gluten Free


USA Grown

Suggested Use: Use Revre Face Serum in the morning to revive your skin and protect it throughout the day. Use it again in the evening after cleansing to renew your skin while you sleep.

Hemp oil and MCT oils calm the skin and fight imperfections with their antimicrobial and anti-inflammatory properties, making this product suitable for all skin types. It makes your skin softer and smoother, without being greasy or clogging your pores. And it can be used with other moisturizers.

Faces Serum + CBD Oil